Solid State - Freshman Solid Cologne

Solid State - Freshman Solid Cologne

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“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” - Jacques Cousteau

A boat rocks gently off the Corsican shore. The sun lightly warms your back through your cotton shirt. Salty drips of water have left small, white marks on the polished deck. You check the regulator in your scuba tank once more, peering over the edge of the boat into the cool, clear, sapphire blue water below. As fish dart about, you imagine the secrets hidden further below the surface.

You breathe deeply, inhaling the salty, sweet sea air. A scent of Jasmine skips across the surface of the water. The taste of sweet orange and persimmon dances across your lips. You’re so far away from everything, and yet exactly where you should be.

Freshman offers a summery blend of sea breeze and citrus, evoking the sun kissed coastline of the Mediterranean. The scent opens with a rush of fresh Calabrian bergamot and citrus then gently fades to light, aquatic nuances mixed with hints of Jasmine petal, along with fresh rose and aromatic rosemary. A warm base of cedar and sharp spice notes maintain a masculine air.