Solid State - Journeyman Solid Cologne

Solid State - Journeyman Solid Cologne

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“To get lost is to learn the way”

A stick cracks underfoot as you wend your way along the narrow path, casting the scent of rich cedar into the air. Hardwood trees stand like steady soldiers on either side of you, while overhead a bird soars in gentle circles, clearly searching for it’s next meal. The sun creates dappled footprints on the path ahead, as if marking the way forward.

You shift your pack higher onto your shoulders and breath deeply. A slight hint of that morning’s mist still lingers in the air. Stepping forward your feet find the path once more, covered as it is with slowly decaying leaves and branches, while hints of fresh life appear in the cracks, green tips reaching to kiss the sun.

Journeyman presents a refreshing hint of mandarine mixed with a base of warm cedar, while a rich blend of spice adds interest and intrigue. A versatile scent designed to take you from morning workout to evening adventuring and everything in between.