Solid State - Wayfarer Solid Cologne

Solid State - Wayfarer Solid Cologne

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Cruiser Wayfarer Solid Cologne aroma of Spicy Tobacco, Vanilla, Cacao

“Be in the world as if you were a stranger or a wayfarer”

It could be any dark bar in any quiet laneway in any city. It doesn’t matter. The location may be new, but you still feel the same familiarity you have in any place you visit. You catch the eye of the bartender. A whisky. A double. A stranger smiles. You smile back, sinking a little further into your chair.

You’re nowhere in particular, and yet this is where you belong.

Wayfarer blends smooth tobacco leaf, creamy tonka bean, and rich cacao to provide a masculine scent redolent of oak-panelled bars hidden behind unmarked doors in foreign cities. Notes of fruit and spices provide a comforting feel to this opulent, exotic scent.